Is turnover the only possibility for distressed or hard to reach staff members?

What if there was a way to tap into their full potential?


Help your staff reach their highest potential

Empower them to bring new energy, enthusiasm,

and focus to their work and life


How It Works:

Distressed and hard to reach employees often operate from limiting beliefs about themselves and the world. By focusing on beliefs as the root cause of performance issues, this approach works where others fail.

Employees with the willingness and potential to improve their performance, work with supervisors to set mutually agreed upon targets. Employees set specific targets for themselves through 2-3 intensive sessions and then use weekly coaching to achieve them. Supervisors and staff acknowledge positive changes in performance, key learnings, and support needed for continuous success.

The coaching process enables staff to release and replace limiting beliefs that hinder productivity, collaboration, teamwork, personal responsibility, flexibility, adaptability, problem solving, decisiveness, confidence, and clear communication.


When those beliefs change, staff begin to:

  • Stop taking things personally
  • Reduce tension in relationships
  • Clarify expectations
  • Ask for help
  • Take risks to develop new skills
  • Acknowledge successes/learnings
  • Become proactive
  • Make objective assessments of causes and solutions
  • Manage themselves and others efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve and exceed success targets

Wendy has helped me in so many ways both personally and professionally but the one that counts the most combines both sides of my life. She has helped me be able to say No to work, clients, friends, family and situations that didn’t feel good to me, instilling the belief that if it doesn’t feel good it isn’t right and something better will come along. By being able to release that negativity I am more open and positive both personally and professionally.
— Michelle D

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